Your security is only as strong as your weakest link

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With user-friendly terminology and tips, this flexible, on demand Cybersecurity Awareness Training covers everything employees need to know to keep your business’ data and devices.

Training overview

  • Threats Overview: Malware, phishing & social engineering
  • Password Policies: Best practices; 2FA and how to use it
  • Web Protection: What to look for; what to avoid
  • Email Protection: What to look for; what to avoid
  • Preventive Measures: Best practices for security at home and business

Also have you considered doing a penetration test?

91% of data breaches originate from social engineering activities. Social engineering is the most effective form of cybercrime. Cybercriminals are aware of the vulnerability of your employees and exploit this to gain access to your corporate data.

Social Engineering Assessment of ESET examines the security awareness of your employees using a customized phishing campaign. In consultation with you, the campaign is set up by an ESET Cyber Security Engineer. The results and statistics may be presented on location or delivered to you by means of an analysis report.
ESET Intelligence Labs perform penetration testing and code review for all platforms of mobile applications and have created a dedicated testing environment fully equipped for testing Android based application. We also provide a “Black Box” type test, when the clients system is penetrated without any previous knowledge about the system.

Our penetration testing labs use the most advanced technologies to test mobile applications and analyze the security stature of the application. We have dedicated environments for testing both iOS and Android applications. These dedicated environments allow us to test and analyze the application optimally, on its real environment /device.

During the testing, we simulate a multitude of attacks, both general application attacks and mobile dedicated attacks. The testing simulates a real hacker and what he can do to penetrate the application and retrieve confidential data.

New era of employee engagement

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Simoona is smart and intuitive social intranet solution made for effective communication, empowerment, acknowledgement and social networking of your company employees.

Simoona encourages more interactions, more social activities, more fun. Focus on what’s important and create the atmosphere of respect and acknowledgment.