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Every business risks being hacked or damaged by cyberattack. DDoS Guard is a cyber security platform, that works as a gate between the internet and your infrastructure, to block hacker activities.

We’ve created a complete solution: a privacy and security service that guards all your web infrastructure. DDoS Guard covers all common threats in real-time and provides tools to improve security.

It is very important for businesses to stay online at all times and to keep their data safe. That’s why DDoS Guard is a smart choice, providing a high ROI. Take care of your business, while we take care of your cyber security!

DDoS Guard is easy to install: you don’t need to buy hardware, or get into long and expensive projects to integrate it with your website or apps. The installation takes less than 5 minutes.

Malicious bots can detect web application vulnerabilities and communicate the information back to hackers.

Instantly detected

Hackers attempting to steal personal and private information from your website, web application or cloud and trying to infect your clients.

Automatically detached

Malicious bots or hackers may try to corrupt your systems and damage your business, resulting in lost income and damaged reputation.
Distinguish between good and bad traffic and filter malicious bots

How it works?

There are two criteria for an amplification attack:
1. A query can be sent with a spoofed source address (e.g., via a protocol like ICMP or UDP that does not require a handshake); and
2. The response to the query is significantly larger than the query itself. As DNS is a core, ubiquitous internet platform that meets these criteria, it has become the largest source of amplification attacks.

Do you provide SSL certificates?

In addition we provide free SSL certificates issued automatically with the help of the LetsEncrypt service, as well as the possibility to upload your custom certificate (if you want to use wildcard or EV certificate). This will help you to ensure that the connection from NISPS to visitors is encrypted and safe.

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